Covid Protocols- “Creating divide among friends“

The Center for Disease Control has set pretty easy to follow quarantine guidelines and testing criteria for vaccinated and non vaccinated people who come in close contact with someone with Covid.

The problem is when many friends are willing to “risk” not following recommended quarantine guidelines due to no longer being able to handle the deepening hole in their hearts caused by not seeing long lost relatives and friends during the pandemic.

My friends are no exception. I have young friends who are asking those of us in our senior years to risk shortening recommended quarantine periods for family members and friends who have had Covid to their “fear of missing out” on seeing us and others. And we have people like me, a five year cancer survivor, who follows the CDC guidelines “by the law” and then some.

I have always been able to handle family and friend splits on political differences by “changing the topic” quickly when I sense a political spat brewing among loved ones.

But the divide over taking social distancing and quarantining risks is something I have not yet figured out how to handle. I know we should all respect one another’s opinions but I find myself feeling conflicted about those who are asking me to compromise my health and safety

I have already left an employment situation that did not follow social distance guidelines and I am not sure if I am yet ready to completely divorce good friends over this.

These types of rationalizations and risks are taking place daily across the United State. Being vaccinated no longer means we are immune from getting covid, it just means that we will likely not die. I do not want to die or deal with covid symptoms so that is why I follow the CDC guidelines so closely.

People are tired of not seeing loved ones, but we will never get this pandemic under control if people continue to make decisions based on emotion and not science



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Kristi is an avid hiker in AZ , a six year cancer survivor, and founder of Kristis Klimbers Foundation, a 501c3 non profit. that supports the cancer community