It’s is Hard to Enjoy the Holidays This Year So Let’s Do Nice Things for Others

I am having a difficult time getting into the festive spirit this year after witnessing the devastating toll Covid has had on the world.

A close family friend died of Covid and many of my relatives have had the virus , and a couple have had severe symptoms. I cannot get in a festive mood after hearing about the 1.7 million Covid related deaths and climbing across the globe along with witnessing Covid’s toll on the service industry. Many of my favorite restaurants have closed and several family members have lost their waitress and bartender jobs.

A young lady that recently checked me out at local nutrition store said “ are you getting excited for Christmas”? I looked at her in bewilderment and refrained from saying “are you crazy”, but then quickly realized she was just doing her job and said “no, I am not, it has been a tough year for many”

I am usually a very high energy upbeat person and realized that if I am feeling this low, many others are probably feeling worse than me. I needed to do something to lift up those around me.

I bought 20 $5 gift certificates from Starbucks and promptly gave them out to random people I saw while I was hiking. I felt an immediate adrenaline rush of joy as I saw the surprised and joyful looks on the faces of the recipients of my small gift.

I know vaccines are on the way and I am hoping within the next six months, Covid death tolls and infection rates will decline. But until then , I suggest if you are feeling down and out like me, continue to do kind things for others to raise your spirits.



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Kristi is an avid hiker in AZ , a six year cancer survivor, and founder of Kristis Klimbers Foundation, a 501c3 non profit. that supports the cancer community